Real Space Noise – Empty and Pointless (2019)

Empty and Pointless by Real Space NoiseElectronic musician and producer Chad Blinman presents the first new Real Space Noise releases in 13 years:  The new album Empty and Pointless and instrumental companion EP Lost Science. In his work Blinman borrows liberally from early electronic music and B-movie soundtracks, 70s/80s post-punk and new wave, industrial, shoegaze […]

Real Space Noise – Lost Science (2019)

Conceived as a companion release to the album Empty and Pointless, the Lost Science EP reveals another side of Chad Blinman’s sci fi electro-rock project Real Space Noise.  Essentially instrumental (there are voices, but no singing), the four pieces on Lost Science present the postmodern electropop of Real Space Noise in a more abstract, minimal form.  […]

Viva Death – Illuminate (2018)

The fourth Viva Death album is a bold new statement from core members Scott Shiflett and Chad Blinman. The fourteen songs on Illuminate stretch Viva Death into a wider range of style and sound than ever before, and reassert Shiflett’s distinctive vision as a songwriter and performer. Illuminate is a sprawling sonic adventure drawing comparisons […]

Tate Eskew – A Day in Bon Aqua (2018)

Tate Eskew presents his distinctive approach to ambient minimalism and field recording in the remarkable 32-minute piece A Day in Bon Aqua.  Delicate harmonic tones resonate through tranquil ambience of the Tennessee woods in a seamless merging of technology and nature. Eskew writes: What a day it was! A few bats emerged to fill the […]

Tate Eskew – Oldowan (2014)

Tate Eskew explores minimalist guitar drone in two eleven-minute pieces on oldowan.  Exploration of regenerative ecology and indigenous culture inspired the two compositions.  Instances of calm reflectiveness are slowly interrupted by passages of anxiety and moments of contentment. Visit for more information.

Tate Eskew – Semiotics (2011)

Tate Eskew’s Semiotics is a work of astonishing expression and ingenuity. Intricate arrangements of guitars, organ and drums frame intimate vocals, building from delicate finger-picked notes to huge rock crescendos and back again. Songs that begin in a traditional directive soon turn unexpected corners, later blooming into a wash of melody and noise. Throughout every […]

Tate Eskew – Modality (2011)

Tate Eskew’s Modality introduces his ambient drone work with twenty minutes of late night experimental improvisation in five movements of distinct tone and feeling.  With subtle layers of noise guitars, pulsating synths and atonal melody, Eskew’s work is a captivating exploration of the science of sound and electricity. Visit for more information. [FER005]

Viva Death – Curse the Darkness (2010)

Their third album turns the Viva Death experiment inside out, with core members Scott Shiflett and Chad Blinman recording the entire work as a duo and abandoning the “baritone guitars only” rule that inspired the first two albums.  At times sinister and aggressive, then dreamy and spacious, Curse the Darkness expands the Viva Death universe […]

Real Space Noise – Radio Method (2006)

The first release from Real Space Noise (Chad Blinman and Steve Ashburn) is an album of intricate and densely layered electronic rock laced with radiophonic sci-fi and dark satire. Radio Method synthesizes post-punk, coldwave, industrial and gothic rock into an angular, futuristic soundscape. Available through most digital download and streaming providers worldwide.  Visit for […]

Viva Death – One Percent Panic (2006)

The second album by Viva Death (Scott Shiflett, Trever Keith, Josh Freese, Chris Shiflett and Chad Blinman) expands their baritone guitar-based post-punk/hard rock sound into deeper, more spacious territory.  One Percent Panic is deep and dark, angular and confrontational, infused with a wry sense of humor. Available through major digital download and streaming providers worldwide.  […]

Viva Death (2002)

The debut album by Viva Death (Scott Shiflett, Trever Keith, Josh Freese, Chris Shiflett and Chad Blinman) explodes with baritone guitars, drums, echo machines and noise.  The album Viva Death unleashes brash, menacing post-punk laced with violence and dark satire. Visit for more information.

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