deli - feelsound EP

deli's debut, feelsound EP consists of two songs, which she describes as "..i wanted it to sound like I was swimming in a coma." Ambient folk music with an abstract sense of melody.

Tate Eskew - oldowan

Tate Eskew explores minimalist guitar drone in two 11 minute pieces with the release of “oldowan”. Exploration of regenerative ecology and indigenous culture inspired the two compositions. Instances of calm reflectiveness are slowly interrupted by passages of anxiety and moments of contentment. [FER006]

Tate Eskew - Semiotics

Intricate arrangements of guitars, distorted organ and drums frame Eskew’s intimate vocals, moving from delicate finger-picked notes to large rock crescendos, and back again. Songs from Eskew’s collection often start in a traditional directive but soon turn unexpected corners, later blooming into a wash of melody and noise.

Real Space Noise - Radio Method

Debut release from Real Space Noise featuring futuristic music that sounds as if it were constructed in a modern day scientific lab.

Tate Eskew - Modality

Tate Eskew's Modality consists of 20 minutes of ambient drone and experimental improvisation featuring noisey guitar, pulsating synths and atonal melody.

Viva Death - Curse The Darkness

Viva Death's third release on Functional Equivalent Recordings brings to light more complex song structure from Scott Shiflett.

Viva Death - One Percent Panic

Viva Death's second release on Functional Equivalent Recordings finds the troupe still laying down brutal baritone guitar tracks

Viva Death - S/T

Viva Death's debut album originally released by Vagrant Records is now available here on Functional Equivalent Recordings