Real Space Noise members Chad Blinman (programming, voices) and Steve Ashburn (keyboards, guitars) fuse indie rock with new wave, industrial music, and science fiction film soundtracks – creating a post-modern, retro-futuristic soundscape of angular electronic pop.  Enigmatic and chilling, yet catchy and accessible, Real Space Noise is the sound of your uncertain future.

Radio Method, the debut album by Real Space Noise, offers the listener a densely detailed, and often otherworldly, sonic landscape to explore.  The album’s rich textures are deployed through traditional pop song architecture and layers of synthesizer-and-guitar-driven instrumentation, forming a collection of songs with the accessibility for radio and club play and the complexity for discerning listeners of the underground.

Immersed in the layers of Radio Method, the listener may hear familiar echoes:  the seventies art-punk of Wire and Joy Division; the new wave sound of eighties icons Ultravox and Gary Numan; the driving industrial innovations of Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242 and Nine Inch Nails; the groundbreaking electronic pop of Curve and Massive Attack.  Yet the sound of Real Space Noise is not a revival of any era or style; it is a synthesis of these diverse musical threads (and others) into something entirely new and unexpected.


radio method


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