Real Space Noise – Empty and Pointless (2019)

Electronic musician and producer Chad Blinman presents the first new Real Space Noise releases in 13 years:  The new album Empty and Pointless and instrumental companion EP Lost Science.

In his work Blinman borrows liberally from early electronic music and B-movie soundtracks, 70s/80s post-punk and new wave, industrial, shoegaze and trip-hop; yet he seems determined to avoid easy clichés and retro trends, forging from raw materials his own brand of dark, brainy postmodern electropop.

A 30-year veteran of studio recording, Blinman moves fluidly through disparate realms of technology, recording and processing sound with cutting-edge digital tools while inviting and amplifying the analog noises and artifacts of the esoteric synths, drumboxes, tape machines, spring reverbs and other arcane devices in his studio.  Echoes of the early BBC Radiophonic Workshop are pervasive in Real Space Noise: magnetic tape bricolage, test oscillators bathed in mechanical reverb and tape echo, crude techniques deployed for warbly, distorted character.  Ghostly radio transmissions and swirls of synthesized atmosphere are punched through by thick drum beats and sharp-edged sawtooth basses.  Acoustic and electronic timbres collide, contrast, and mesh together; moments of stark minimalism drift between towering constructions of guitars, drums and synths. These mixed-technology soundscapes make an apt setting for Blinman’s voice, and for his subjects: humanity’s relationship with technology, information and superstition; treachery in political, social and corporate power systems; the grim comedy of life in the 20th century’s “world of tomorrow.”

Empty and Pointless and Lost Science will be available October 4 through major download and streaming providers worldwide.

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