Tate Eskew – A Day in Bon Aqua (2018)

Tate Eskew presents his distinctive approach to ambient minimalism and field recording in the remarkable 32-minute piece A Day in Bon Aqua.  Delicate harmonic tones resonate through tranquil ambience of the Tennessee woods in a seamless merging of technology and nature.

Eskew writes: What a day it was! A few bats emerged to fill the expedited spring twilight to eagerly dive-bomb unsuspecting insects that must be confused by the unanticipated elements. Adept at moves usually offered by barn swallows during late summer evenings as they dart about just above the field full of uncut hay seemingly tied to the tail of a kite. A bullfrog even spoke up…perhaps hoping to find some early romance or maybe even warn the other virile croakers in the area that this is his year. Let it be our year.

Visit tateeskew.com for more information.

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